Officials Celebrate Unveiling of Newly Renovated Squad Quarters

PHOTOS: Emergency Services liaison Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein and other officials last night honored several individuals during the unveiling of the newly renovated Lakewood First Aid Squad quarters. The quarters, located within the OEM building, was recently [...]

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New arrangement: Lakewood First Aid to use part of the Monmouth Avenue Fire Station

A new arrangement between the Lakewood Fire Department and Lakewood First Aid will help expedite the response times of the Lakewood First Aid squad, and ultimately save lives. The new arrangement will allow for the [...]

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Board of Fire Commissioners Donates Old Chief’s Vehicle to Lakewood First Aid

The Lakewood First Aid today received an old Fire Chief’s vehicle as a donation to their volunteer squad. “The vehicle will be used as a medical emergency first responder vehicle, which will benefit the rresidents of [...]

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Extrication Team Holds Vehicle Extrication Drill

In the event of a motor vehicle accident with pinned patients, Lakewood is lucky enough to have ready, able and available hands to help out. On Sunday, the Lakewood First Aid squad held an extrication drill for the training [...]

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