Bobby Haytas Retiring after 31 Years of Sevice

The Township Committee honored Mr. Robert Haytas, for 3 decades of service as a member of Lakewood First Aid and EMS employee.

At the Township meeting, the Mayor and Emergency Services Liaison Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein presented Mr. Haytas with a plaque, thanking him for his dedication.

Also on hand, was his EMS Supervisor, Mr. Scott Carter.  “Mr. Haytas not only will be missed by the EMS department, but by many that he also served with and alongside of during many stressful events in the volunteer First Aid Squad and the Lakewood volunteer Fire Department.” Mr. Carter added,

“I can say from my time as Mr Haytas’s supervisor that there was not a minute that we did not share a story or an event that allowed us to laugh, and this was not with just me but with the entire department. The experience and skills that are retiring can not be filled by one person alone.”


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